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Residential and Mobile Patrols

The recent government cuts to police budgets have resulted in an increasing number of communities seeking to improve their security (and deter criminal activity) by employing residential and mobile patrol services, such as those provided by 1GS Security Services.

Our patrols provide peace of mind for groups of residents who are concerned about the safety of their homes and possessions and who would like a more visible deterrent to would-be criminals.

Our residential and mobile patrols include: a 'meet and greet' service (if a resident feels threatened they can call a guard to escort them from their car); and patrol hours to suit (in discussion with your neighbours and other residents, we can provide a security service for your area when you need it the most).

Although our guards do not carry weapons their mere presence and expertise is a proven deterrent to criminals. In addition, our patrol units are able to respond more quickly than police. All the areas in which we operate have seen a significant decrease in crime levels.

1GS Security Services' residential and mobile patrol units have been so effective that we now co-operate closely with local police to ensure an improved level of awareness and vigilance against crime.

To book a FREE consultation, please contact 1GS Security Services on 020 7724 4478 ; or via email at Our team are available to discuss your specific security needs 24/7.