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Why choose us:

  • Public and employer’s liability insurance
  • 24/7 emergency call centre
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Insurance approved standards

As a leading supplier of safes for commercial, private individuals, business or home use, 1GS Security offer a range of products to suit various tastes.

Protection of valuables

Concern for the safety of valuables has increased. Once lost or stolen many precious items of huge emotional and monetary worth can go missing forever. Items may include cash, jewellery, valuable ornaments, documents, data and special family mementoes.


A strong, tool resistant strength in materials, able to withstand extreme force is of paramount importance to deter and foil thieves. A durable safe by 1GS gives an extra level of protection that can give you peace of mind.

All safes are manufactured by 1GS Security adhere to the high standards demanded by insurance companies.


Our aim is to provide customers with the most top level security to protect valuables, whilst giving impartial advice for which is the correct and most suitable safe for you.

Exact specifications can be met with each order, including a colour to fit in with your environment and the dimensions you require to fit a particular space.

Prices are very reasonable and competitive and we excel at customer service.

To book a FREE consultation, please contact 1GS Security Products Services on 020 7724 4478; or via email at Our team are available to discuss your specific security needs 24/7.