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If you're worried about the likes of shoplifting and other forms of criminal damage, there is nothing quite as vital as a CCTV security surveillance solution. Otherwise known as Closed Circuit Television, CCTV cameras do far more than detect crime. Posing as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime, in the industry we like to call them 'the eyes of the sky' because the cameras reassure public confidence and are an irrefutable form of evidence in bringing criminals to justice. Widely regarded as a primary solution for urban dysfunction by the public sector, the benefits of implementing CCTV surveillance cameras are endless.

Assessing your needs and premises thoroughly, 1GS Security Services Ltd will ensure your cameras are deployed in the most effective places to catch opportunists even before they commit their illicit act.

  • 24 Hour Protection
  • Monitoring of Most Susceptible Areas
  • Provide Visual Criminal Deterrence
  • State of the Art Equipment & Unbeatable Image Clarity
  • CCTV Installation and Management Services
  • Evidential Recordings of Criminal Activity

With an estimated 1.85 million cameras in the UK, they cannot be efficient at counteracting crime by merely being installed. They must be surveyed by an expert security guard, placed in the most susceptible areas of crime, and always be up-to-date with technology and image clarity. What's more? With the ability to monitor your system remotely, you can rest in the knowledge that your business is safe in the hands of a reputable provider even if your security officer isn't onsite. Understanding that most, if not all, industries are coming under fire to make significant cutbacks, a CCTV strategy with 1GS Security Services Ltd actually gives you an opportunity to make a return on your investment because your employees and clients will feel far safer in your premises in the knowledge that someone is always protecting their welfare.

With this in mind, reap the benefits of our expert security officers who are fully trained and vetted to the highest standards to work with your CCTV equipment, so that you can be sure you always have a proficient person on site to deal with any threat or tricky situation on your behalf.

Committed to delivering a first class defence against crime at all times, Providing you with a value add, bespoke strategy, tailored to the exact needs of your business, we understand the importance of CCTV surveillance and so we're dedicated to offering affordable solutions so that your reputation is always intact. 1GS Security Services Ltd will surpass your expectations time and time again.

To book a FREE consultation, please contact 1GS Security Services on 020 7724 478; or via email at Our team is available to discuss your specific security needs 24/7.